LabVoice & Connected Labs Team Up for Voice‑Controlled Instruments
19 June 2020

LabVoice and Connected Labs are happy to announce that their technologies can be seamlessly integrated to enable voice control of your laboratory instruments, even remotely!

Thanks to this partnership, the digitalization of the Lab moves a step forward and allows lab workers to not only to improve traceability and data flows to and from the lab, but also improve conditions by offering the flexibility of hands-free lab work.

Further, by providing access to lab data and control of their lab instruments, operators can save time by avoiding shuffling back-and-forth to the lab and reducing the stress on scientists required to use personal protection equipment each time they enter the lab.

Here's a short video showing the integration in action. If you're interested in trying it out, get in touch with us at!

Watch video (1min 32s)

Connected Labs wins the Silver prize at the Merck Connectivity Challenge
4 Decembre 2020

We are very proud of our Silver prize for the Connectivity Challenge organized by Merck.

Congrats to the winners: our friends from LabVoice.

And if you want to see how LabVoice & Connected Labs can help you to move to Lab 5.0, have a look at this demo:

Connected Labs is pleased to welcome Danone Nutricia Research as a customer !
13 May 2020

IoLT, Internet of Lab Thing : a step forward the Lab 5.0
18 March 2020

Learn about this with our article for Paperless Lab Academy.

« I have always been fascinated by Sci Fi representation of labs. The voice of a central Artificial Intelligence can be heard in the laboratory to provide services to laboratory workers and trigger general alerts in catastrophic movies. I think there is some truth in this imagination of the laboratory of the future, but it is a safe bet that the laboratory 5.0 will not look exactly like what is imagined. Let’s investigate! »

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IoLT is not just a matter of digitalization of the lab
10 February 2020

Learn about this with our article for Paperless Lab Academy.

Internet of Laboratory Things, IoLT, is identified as a new step in the digitalisation of laboratories. But not only.

A while ago, a Laboratory Director told me « if my instruments were connected and managed with error detection rules I may not have lost my Laboratory Manager, he was a good collaborator ».

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Connected Labs solution: Live Demo
2 December 2019

Just a quick video of how it works.

Watch video (2min 05s)

The LicoBox
4 November 2019

The LicoBox from Connected Labs solution makes instruments accessible on the network. It is a simple and effective IoT device allowing to integrate all types of instruments: scales, pH meters, stirrers, hot plates, etc.

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